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Are you ready to finally have your own drivers license? Do you want to move around freely and hit the road whenever you feel like it? Start your first driving lesson now with our professional and personally adjusted learning trajectory. Everyone from age 16,5 can start with driving lessons at BOR Rijopleidingen for different drivers license categories.

How does it work?

Sign up via the contact form en plan your first driving lesson. After the trial lesson we will create a personalized lesson plan for you and an estimate of the amount of lessons you’ll need to successfully achieve your drivers license. During these lessons we work with ‘RIS’ (driving lessons in steps; dutch: rijopleiding in stappen). This is a professional learning trajectory with which we can organize your lessons with not only practical information, but also add some theoretical information. This way we can fit the plan exactly to your needs, personal skills and learning points. It also helps you to apply your theory knowledge while you are driving. The RIS-method also adds a lot of useful extra information you will need when driving.

The advantages

  • We have a high pass rate

  • You always have the same driving instructor

  • You will be picked up at home

  • You don’t need to drive with other students

  • Your lesson always lasts a full 60 minutes

  • You get a personalized lesson plan according to the RIS-method

  • Every lesson is evaluated to focus on your learning points

  • You learn to drive economically according to ‘the new way of driving’

Patient and professional instruction so you can drive with self-confidence.

Driving Test

Did you master driving and are you ready test your skills? If so we will plan a Driving test for you with the CBR. For this you first need to authorize BOR Rijopleidingen with your DIGI-D, so we can request the exam for you. On the website ‘mijn CBR’(my CBR) you can fill in the stating that you are fit to drive.

Performance Anxiety 

Do you feel a lot of anxiety during driving or do you get scared from just the thought of driving? We can help you with this anxiety. Our driving school has a specialized trajectory‚  so you too can confidently drive around.  We personalize the lessons to your learning points‚ so we can work on you self-confidence in the car on whatever aspect you may need it. This way you learn to cope with you fear of failure and drive freely.

De performance anxiety exam is an adjusted driving exam. The exam takes a little longer than a regular exam‚ so you have more time to get comfortabel behind the weel. Apart from this exam is the same as a normal CBR exam and you will need to perform the same manoeuvres as the other candidates.



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